Experiential Learning Request Form

The Long Island Applied Research Center (LI-ARC) is an interdisciplinary network of LIU faculty members and students who conduct research within and for public and nonprofit agencies. While research is the centerpiece of this endeavor, the broader goal is to effectively mobilize the expertise of LIU faculty members to assist Long Island nonprofit agencies and, when possible, use these connections to enhance student learning.

Please fill out the information requested below if you would like to work with an agency as part of your course. We will do our best to find an agency with research or creative needs that match your course topic and learning goals. Please be advised that LI-ARC has developed the several standards for working with agencies as a formal part of the research center. By requesting to be matched to an agency, you are agreeing to the following standards:

  • Before starting work, all parties (from LIU and the agency) will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to ensure that there is a common understanding of the project expectations, goals, and timeframe.
  • The lead faculty member for the course will be expected to communicate regularly with the agency contact (at least once per month) about the progress of the project. Please either carbon copy the LI-ARC director (Heather Parrott) on the email correspondence or update her separately about the project status.
  • If the lead faculty member expects that the agreed upon goals will not be met, he or she should contact Heather Parrott as soon as possible.