“It’s been an absolute pleasure collaborating with you on this project! We are grateful for your expertise and time and your commitment to making positive change on Long Island.”

 – Cristina DiMeo, Education Equity Campaign Manager at ERASE Racism

Examples of Current Collaborations

Suffolk Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force – Drs. Heather Parrott (Sociology, LIU Post) and Dr. Colby Valentine (Criminology, Dominican College) are research partners on the “FY 2018 Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force” OVC/BJA Grant to help establish an Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force in Suffolk County.  We help participating agencies (including the FBI, Homeland Security/ICE, the Suffolk County Police Department, the Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, and Suffolk County BOCES) collect data on victim services and assess the progress of their collaboration. This is a three-year grant running from 2019-2021.

The Safe Center LI (thesafecenterli.org) – Drs. Heather Parrott (Sociology), Colby Valentine (Criminology), Elissa Giffords (Social Work), and Orly Calderon (Social Work) are currently working with the Safe Center to explore the extent to which their services reduce the adverse affects of trauma on health. This study is closely related to the CDC Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study that shows a strong correlation between trauma and a wide variety of health indicators.screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-1-40-33-pm

Nassau County Executive’s Family Violence Task Force (including The Safe Center and the LIU Social Work Department) to design a logo for the upcoming Family Violence Task Force at LIU.

Boys and Girls Club (http://www.bgca.org) – Drs. Kathy Isoldi (Nutrition) and Veronika Dolar (Economics) are continuing their collaboration with two local Boys and Girls Clubs, providing the Cooking Up Energy® Program, a cooking and nutrition education program for children 6-11 years of age.  The program will evaluate outcomes  (in terms of fruit and vegetable preferences and consumption, meal preparation participation at home and attitudes held regarding healthy food choice) pre- and post-program participation.  Future research endeavors includes a plan to include the expertise of Dr. Azad Gucwa (Biomedical Sciences) by including the change in a bio marker (hemoglobin A1c) as a measure of diabetes risk.

Students in the Department of Communications & Film are currently working on an oral history project for the Cold Spring Harbor Civic Association, under the guidance of faculty mentor Carolyn Schurr Levin. The students are researching, preparing pre-interview information packets to jar memories, and professionally recording, editing and producing interview videos and transcripts that will become a part of the local history collection at the civic association, stored at various libraries and catalogued for web based research retrieval.

Long Island Progressive Coalition (lipc.org) – Drs. Jennifer Brown (Sociology) and Heather Parrott (Sociology) have been meeting with LIPC leadership, including David Sprintzen (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy), to plan research projects related to sustainable development. The first project was a survey of small business on Long Island with the goal of figuring out how to best promote and support the growth of small business cooperatives. Students in James Freeley’s (Management) Social Entrepreneurship class assisted with this project in Fall 2016 as part of their class project. This leads into a larger project with LIPC on small business cooperative development, including working on developing a cooperative with SEPA Mujer.

Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island (www.empowerli.org) – Drs. Alexander Henderson (Public Administration), Heather Parrott (Sociology), Colby Valentine (Criminology), and Lauren Mullins (Public Administration) have been assisting ECLI in setting up a database for their organization. Additionally, Benj Gerdes (Communications and Film) set up one of his Fall 2016 production courses around a collaborative film project with ECLI about the problem of human trafficking on Long Island. Students from Dr. Jennifer Rogers-Brown’s Fall 2016 Feminism class (Sociology) assisted with the project as well. Student Destiny Diggs will be working with Dr. Gerdes Spring 2016 to complete this film project.

Erase Racism (www.eraseracismny.org) – Dr. Heather Parrott (Sociology) worked with ERASE Racism to create a survey about the professional development on diversity issues provided to teachers and administrators on Long Island and what additional training may be needed. A preliminary report was presented to the agency in June, and the project was reopened in January 2017 as a collaborative project with Jeong-uen Rhee (Education). We have plans to do focus groups with educators in select Long Island districts to explore classroom needs related to student diversity and integration.


Examples of Community-Based Research by Affiliated Faculty

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Photo by Dr. Willie Hiatt, Associate Professor of History